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Howdy, everyone!

Just making it official that I am accepting commissioned work at this time. Some people had expressed interest during my sanity break and I thought folks would like to know when commissions became available, so here's the notification. :) Still debating on rate changes for art commissions and figuring out pricing for maps and other forms of illustration, but for right now, the previous rates still apply.

And Those Are? Character illustrations, including minis, are $25 per illustration for anything up to Large size in typical P&P gaming parlance. This nets you a 300 DPI piece that's typically 600 x 600 pixels to 1200 x 1200 pixels, depending on the final art size needed and if I end up needing extra space or whatever. Lotta factors in there. Anyway, you e-mail me the specifics for the art (more description is better, and a bit of character info also helps me decide on a pose and facial expression and such). I typically enjoy making unusual PCs in that they're more interesting to draw, but I've been out of the game long enough that regular old Bob the Fighter would be just fine so I can practice and get whatever passed for skill back.

Once I get your character info, I typically begin work within 24 to 48 hours, though longer waits are possible if I end up with a backlog. Soon as I finish a lineart illustration I send you a copy for you to look over and offer suggestions, corrections, and such. From there I go to coloring and adding extra details like highlights, shading, and the like, as befits the piece. Then I send that over for final approval, adjustments, etc. Once you give the word that the piece is up to snuff, you send payment over to my Paypal, and I can then do the final bits like resizing the art to scale, putting it on a base (if its a mini for printing), and the like. I can also make art into tokens at whatever size your VTT requires or other such adjustments to suit your needs.

Other work, namely cartography, we can work out pricing and the like on a case-by-case basis. 

ALSO! Don't forget the Patreon I've got going. So far I've got three Patrons, which I'm gonna admit, is pretty exciting for me, even if it's the literal minimum number for a crowd. Mathematicians tell me that three is a larger number than zero, and I'm not one to question the experts.

So what's available at this very moment, you ask? Well, current offerings for Patrons include:

* All the art I recently uploaded, plus the .PSD master files when available, and a few pieces yet to be released to the public
* The initial work for Hongkong '23, a campaign setting set in 1920's Hong Kong. It's Lovecraft and Chinese mythology as experienced through a lens similar to Supernatural or Grimm: investigations, large amounts of combat, and a campaign setting with not a lot of great role models but certainly a lot of opportunities to make a mess while dressed in the dapper fashions of the Roaring Twenties. Currently there's over fifty NPC photo portraits, with write-ups for named NPCs already up and more being added as I type this (or close to it). Other campaign details to come out as I get the opportunity to do so.

Hongkong '23 is designed to be system-neutral, though I am developing rules for a 5E home game with it. So far I've been pleasantly surprised with the interest, and once I get enough to make a decent-sized book out of it, I'd love to look into putting it out there for folks to pick up, likely as a pay-what-you like PDF (Patrons will get it free, and early, naturally). That's a bit down the road, however, so don't be expecting a release any time soon.

You can find my Patreon here:

Other deets: you can find me on Facebook at though my presence there as an active poster has diminished considerably over the last year. Might take the habit back up, though. Another habit I'm trying to get into is Twitter where I'm @WhoTweetedThis. If you get  the chance, pop on by, read some #GolariFacts, and throw 140-character rocks at my head, like all the cool kids do. :)
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Maxila Jadetress- Dragon Form by WhoDrewThis
Maxila Jadetress- Dragon Form
Copper dragon form of Maxila Jadetress, uploaded a few minutes ago. Gear gets absorbed into the new dragon form so I added arcane-looking tattoos to represent some of the gear, and make the piece more interesting to look at.
Maxila Jadetress by WhoDrewThis
Maxila Jadetress
From the fingers of the commissioner:

Maxila Jadetress, copper draconic disciple and sorceress, started out down a very dark path as a green draconic disciple but after seeking atonement for some really bad things she had done, was miraculously turned copper. She's typically adorned in a robe of arcane heritage and wielding an adamantine longspear. The draconic features have changed as a result of the 'miracle' from nearly encasing her (she was down to her face and some of her torso not being scaled) to a light gentle coating of copper scales on the hands, feet, and medium (not quite floor-length) tail. Her horns are modest, and her wings if she's bothered to have them out well-developed.

Coloring on this one was sorta interesting, as they're wearing that robe of arcane heritage so it seemed sensible for their color scheme to be copper. The difficulty was not getting too copper-y. Dragon form to be uploaded shortly!
Reijingu Feza by WhoDrewThis
Reijingu Feza
One of the other commissions from before Christmas, finally uploaded. Reijingu Feza, best described by the commissioner:

Reijingu Feza, tengu barbarian follower of Our Lord in Iron (Gorum). Started as a slave in Kaoling, fought his way to freedom, made his way over the Spine of the World to Belkzen Hold, got bored with just fighting the same old mindless way all the time so fought his way out of there to Absalom. He was hoping to enter the underground fighting circuit, but instead got recruited by the Pathfinder Society. He fights with claws and beak. Why mess with the perfect weapons nature gave him?

I also uploaded a close-up of his holy symbol of Gorum here:

Getting to do more lamellar armor was super fun, and I'll hopefully get to do more soon. It's pretty satisfying. :D


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When the robots overtook the quibbling city-states of the United States in 1982, they installed in each of these states one brilliant nanite colony to oversee the fleshy ones and make sure the machine agenda was achieved. Colony WDT-1156 was the designated colony for California, successfully guiding the workings of Silicon Valley from an outpost in Palo Alto until its relocation to Idaho for reasons known only to it and its mechanized creators in 1990. It was never heard from again.

Until today: Someday the 9th, 200X.

Then it drew some crap and people liked said crap. So it drew more, and people liked that crap even more. And so on and so on, until tomorrow, 208X, when it wore a silly hat and became President of Forever.

So it was written, in the book of the future. And that's why crazy people aren't usually given keyboards and access to the internet.

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