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Hell's Bibbles- Thrune's First 7 Proclamations by WhoDrewThis
Hell's Bibbles- Thrune's First 7 Proclamations
Made these a month or two ago for the Hell's Rebels game I'm in. Before the campaign starts up, the new lord-mayor Barzillai Thrune issues seven proclamations, which get plastered up all over town. Thought having a copy printed out might be kinda fun so I made a PDF of 'em.

Words on the sheet, especially the proper nouns, (C) Paizo Publishing, LLC. Also the Cheliax symbol, though I'm the wax seal version's my doing.
Printable Street Map Tiles PDF by WhoDrewThis
Printable Street Map Tiles PDF
I'm playing in a Hell's Rebels game starting soon, and thought some encounters might come up on random streets. So while I'm unable to get my tablet up and running, figured I'd do some art by making map tiles for assorted street layouts. First two in the pack are large, well-maintained open streets, good for large mobs or exciting showdowns. The next nine are tighter cobblestone streets and buildings (represented by the black parts of the maps) which can be rotated around to make random streets and alleys. Final three are green segments that can be used to represent small parks, courtyards, markets, or the like.

Printable 8" x 10" map tiles in 1" scale- just print on some cardstock, cut off the extra white border, and you're good to go. Free to use however you see fit. Credit's nice, as is a tip, but completely unnecessary.

...And I am out of said game. Like, literally. I haven't touched my tablet to do actual art in months.

But all is not bleak at the Multipex. I am here, now, officially letting folks know they can use my art for whatever- home games, commercial art, whatever. It seems easier to mention it here than to alter my Creative Commons license or each piece of "art" I've done. If you do use my art, it'd be cool if you shoot me a link to where/how you use it at you(dot)switgmail(dot)com, but even if you don't, I'm not gonna track you down and demand stuff.

You might want to double-check any piece you use so's not to step on any company's toes, however. While I'm cool with you using my art in any way you'd like, I have doe some stuff or folks that DO care, and they might have lawyers willing to sue. So be careful.

Sometime, some way, I'll update the art with what I've done since then, including maybe doing minis pages for my backlog. But expect that to be a while, if ever.

TL;DR: art, free, forever, enjoy. If you do something with it, even just a silly website for your friends, shoot me a message at you (dot)switgmail(dot)com. If not, no worries.
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Ashton Sperry
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United States
When the robots overtook the quibbling city-states of the United States in 1982, they installed in each of these states one brilliant nanite colony to oversee the fleshy ones and make sure the machine agenda was achieved. Colony WDT-1156 was the designated colony for California, successfully guiding the workings of Silicon Valley from an outpost in Palo Alto until its relocation to Idaho for reasons known only to it and its mechanized creators in 1990. It was never heard from again.

Until today: Someday the 9th, 200X.

Then it drew some crap and people liked said crap. So it drew more, and people liked that crap even more. And so on and so on, until tomorrow, 208X, when it wore a silly hat and became President of Forever.

So it was written, in the book of the future. And that's why crazy people aren't usually given keyboards and access to the internet.

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